About Trademark & Intellectual Property Services (TRIPS)

TRADEMARKS & INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY SERVICES, INC. (“TRIPS”) is a full-service company in the Philippines that caters to all your intellectual property needs. We understand the importance of your intellectual property assets. Thus, we can look after your business and the goodwill that you have created to ensure that they are well-protected.

We have a complement of professional staff who are skilled and adept at handling IP matters. In addition, we have legal consultants to ensure that everything is in compliance with the IP Code and other pertinent laws!

If you need assistance in registering and applying for a trademark, patent and industrial design with the Philippine Intellectual Property Office, we can help! Turn your brand into a trademark! Register your trademark!

We are duly accredited by the Philippine Intellectual Property Office! So, you are assured of only the best quality of service!